Shinyaku no Yoru Lyrics

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Night of the New Testament
Niira Etsuko


Kono mune ni mou ichido
Shizune yoku aru sasagete
Hikariau modoru mawari hajimete
Tsuzuite no nai monogatari

Utsuro na genjitsu to semeiau
Tojita tobira hibi ketsui oku no shirabe

Aimai na kyokaisen kowashite hitori
Kakageta risou wa
Tooku yuuyami ni ukabi agaru
Tashikana tsumi no kioku

Kakusen no toki

Atanaru maku akeni
Kakemeguru chi no shoudou
Risei ni michita arashi no yoru ni
Torawareru yuuwaku

Amaku nokosareta
Aitaku ni oboreta mama
Kokoro wo tokasu rishou ukamete
Aganai to tsumi no kake wo

Tamerai mayoi uwasa utsushi dasu
Inochi no kodou kare hatete kuzure ochiru

Owari no mienai taiki ni hitori
Kodoku ni nageite
Osore nige da sotto suru hodo ni
Nagareru tsumi no shizuku

Toki hanate

Rintoshita yokogao ni
Kasanari atta gensou
Obieru kokoro fuyoi tatasete
Mukaiaru shinjitsu

Motomerareru nara
Subete wo sashita shika demo
Tsuranuki toosu kakushinatta
Kono te ni zure wa kasaneru

Chou no habataki
Dare mo dare demo

Nande mujiki wa
Kodomo ryoutei ni
Dare mo nai wa te tsunaide

Aa Kokoro wo to dakishimete..

Hitomi mo tozashita mama
Nemuri tsuzukeru himegi ni
Kono mi wo kogetsu no tanzei atoe
Itami sae itoshii

Ikusen no DAMEJI
Norikoete todokeni kita
Unmei sae mo jama wa sasenai
Futari dake no ketsumatsu

Wakachiaetara nozomu subete wo
Mirai toshiki kaeru

Yume no sasayaki

Aa.. Butou hodo dakishimete..


Devote once more the love that’s going under within this chest
As if they were enthralled, this stories that don’t tie up begin to rotate

Contending a void reality; closed doors, exploration of echoing memories
Destroy the vague boundaries, the ideal I held up all alone
The nightfall far away arises, a clear memory of a sin
The time of awakening

Within the new opening of the theater curtain, there’s an impulse of blood
Within the stormy night filled with peculiarity, a temptation is trapped
While sweetly left in immorality
A smile melting my heart appears, aliment for atonement and sin

Revealing hesitation, doubt and weakness, the indication of life withers and collaps
Within the recurrence where I see no end, alone I bewail in solitude
The amount of off-trickling sins is so much that I try to run away in fear

Release me
On this dignified personage illusions piled up
Bolster my trembling heart, truths subtending each other
If you aspire, even if I have to hand over everything
By my persevering belief, sins still accumulate

If you look at the piteous flap of the butterflies; this world that exists for no one
Almost like naive children, only bonding by wishing
Ah, embrace my heart and everything

While closing her eyes, the princess keeps sleeping
The sin of this decapitation consuming love, even pain is dear
Overcoming a thousand journeys, I came to give you
Our future where I won’t even let fate interfere

If we sever the despair, in exchange for everything I wished for, a future

The whispers of my dream, swallowed in Yin*; faltering prayer of the moment
The thing protruding is my fading atonement as only I wish for a smile
Ah, embrace my heart and everything

*Yin stands for the negative principle; could also be translated as shadow

Thanks to YukariHiwada for providing the romaji, even though it is incomplete. Translations were taken from AliceOfHorrorLand. Anyone who knows the full lyrics can post in the comment box.


UMG6 Translation Script

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Couldn’t find the video in good quality… Well, anyway, I need to translate the whole thing before I can upload it, right? Currently, I will put up the Japanese parts of which I’m not sure of… However, the fact that I couldn’t find a good quality one means that there are some words which I am unable to confirm and put it down. Hence, I will put a [?] in that place. A (?) would mean that the character before it is what I believe it is, but isn’t very sure. Anyone who knows, or is willing to help translate can comment. 😀
Also, I haven’t exactly gone through the game yet, so please pardon me at a few parts.
And damn the online translators. I’m so confused at a few lines. O.O

EDIT: Found the romaji lyrics, though it’s incomplete. Will post it up later. Also, I finally found a good quality version of the video. I can now check everything… Also working to put up all the Japanese text in the video for easier reference. ^^
EDIT: Found another translation… Will use it for reference at some parts. Updating translations~
EDIT: Translations were completed will a crappy will-power… Requires re-checking by someone… Now I need to find the file for a good quality of the video.

(As long as this game is not concluded)
(You can never be freed)
(Only now, I will flip the chessboard)

End of the golden witch
(With You Who Doesn’t Cry in this Redemptive Illusion)

(I will understand you this time)

(This game belongs to Beato and me) — literal translation sounds too weird
(Ushiromiya Battler)

(Anything the matter, everyone?)
(Furudo Erika)

(An illusion of Father again)
(Ushiromiya family head)
(Sin from nineteen years ago)
(You must make your own future)

(Golden Land)

(For the activity of the new master, we are sincerely praying)

(Detective Declared)

(The detective has the right to verify all sites)

(Dance for us, Natsuhi)
(The power of the demons, it will protect you from despair)
(Golden Witch)

(Good afternoon, how do you do?) — Grammar seems off when I try to translate it accordingly…
そして さようなら
(And then, good-bye)
(That fight)
(From here on I will adopt it)

(We don’t need outsiders in our game)
(The legend of the golden witch, don’t end it at such a place)

(Welcome to the game between Beato and me) — a better translation, anyone?


(Lambdadelta) — The fact they they always mess up the English names makes me laugh

(Ten Rules / Commandments)
(Dlanor A. Knox)

(I’ll present the best thing)


(Your heart)
(By the hands of the one you hoped)
(You wished for it to be stopped)

(With this witch meeting)
(The opening of the fantasy court has been declared)

(Is the culprit the human…)
(…Ushiromiya Natsuhi?)

(Is the culprit the witch…)

(A fair retaliation)
(A fair truth)

あなたが犯人です 右代宮夏妃さん
(You are the culprit, Ushiromiya Natsuhi-san)

(Witch of Truth)

(The humans that lies and never speaks the truth)

(If there is no love for the other)
(Reasoning is not opened)

(Thank you)
(I’m sorry)

(You are a real fool)

(The fantasy court has been revoked)
(Any conclusion made which is misted ahead of the new truth) — I’m just guessing… Needs checking.

(Based on the many different truths both can be a fact)

(Teach her that she can’t control everything with one piece of haughty truth)
Yes,your majesty

(Admit that you love each other)

(I will proceed beyond this)
(I will understand you this time)

(Witch of Truth)

(I will declare a contradictory truth to yours)

(Endless Sorcerer)
(I’ve definitely reached the truth)
(Golden Truth)
(Severe torture was forced on you)
(Ushiromiya Battler)

(I will spin the 6th game)

Yakusoku Lyrics

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I sat alone, holding my knees
I had lost sight of my reason for living
My festering, unhealing wound
Gave me so much agony, despite my efforts to tend to it
The gentle golden dream
I was told of by the wind
A slow, intermingled
Soft feeling
On rainy days, on sunny days I always loved you
And, simply, even now that will never change
But, when that promise couldn’t be fufilled, the heart I was protecting in all my frailty
Made me softly push your back, so you could continue alone
So that tomorrow’s days would shine and have laughter
Someday, one day, we will reach days where we can smile.
Someday, one day.

la la la …….

If only now, you could forgive me for all the pain you went through
I will end those days of broken endings
On rainy days, on sunny days I always loved you
And, simply, even now that will never change
And so, that promise, believe that I will break it and advance
With that frail heart in my hands
I will wipe those tears away
And, to you who were so gentle, convey
“Thank you”

Rakuen-fantasm- Lyrics

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Hitomi o Kogashi Nagara
Yubisaki Someru Akashi
Karamariau Niju no Rasen no

Oto o Tatete Kudakeru
Garasu no Genjitsu
Kakera Chiribameta Mama
Iro Nakushi

Furete Sasowareru Mama
Okasareteku Wana
Saita Kibou no Hana ni

Ikusen Ikuman no
Kotoba Kasane Azamuku

Tsuki no Hikari ga Furi Sosogu
Tosasareta Sekai e to
Ochiyuku Nara
Yasashiku Uso o Dakase Mashou

Sobieru Gareki no Naka
Samayoi Tachi Tsukushi te
Koyoi wa Tada Hikigane o Hiite

Ichido Kiri no Inochi ni
Nan no Kachi ga Aru
Nando Kuri Kaeshite mo
Modose Nai

Itsuka wa Owaru
Unmei to Wakatte Ite mo

Itetsuku Kaze ni Mai Asobi
Souran to Moe Sakaru
Shinjitsu Nado
Midoto Tsura Nuite Misemashou

Musuu no Negai Komete
Tsuzuru Yume Monogatari
Saishou de Saigo no Hare Butai o

Kokoro ni Shinku no Dangan Komete
Shizuka ni Gekutestu Okoshi
Nerai o Sadame Uchinuku wa
Kataku Musubareta Saisei no Toki

Sakamaku Arashi Doudoku
Tsutau Namida no Wake wa
Haruka Sora e
Kogane Iro no DORESU Matoi
Habataki Yuku

Akogare Yori mo Fukaku
Hikareau Kono Ai o
Aa Itsu no Hi ka Kanau Deshou ka
Seiyaku no Uta

Urei mo Mayoi mo Sute
Itami o Koeta Saki ni
Shinen Eto Toraware Tsuzuke ne

Mahou ni Michibikare te
Utsushi Dasareta Kotae
Sono Sugata wa Rengoku Nimo Nita


As I crave for those eyes
My fingertips color the evidence
That’s the repitition of the entwining twin spirals

Noisily it bursts
The vitreous reality
As I tried to gather the smithereens
They lost their color

As it invites you to touch it
The trap is set
I try to cling to the blooming flower of hope

How much thousands of words, how much ten thousands of words
Have to be piled up, all deceiving?

The light of the moon poured down
As it falls down onto this closed world
Let’s gently embrace the lies
Good night

Arising within the detritus
Straying, standing up until the very end
Tonight I just pull the trigger

Just one single life,
How much value does it hold?
No matter how often repeated
It’s irreversible

Someday this destiny will end even though I understand this

Taken by the freezing wind to dance and to play
Blazing together with shining blue
Let’s even splendidly pierce the truth
Good night

Encluding countless wishes
The dream saga is written
From the beginning to the end performing the splendid play

Holding a crimson bullet within your heart
A percussion hammer is quietly set up
It takes aim, and pierces
Tie a steady knot at the time of resurrection

The bewailing of the uproaring gale
And the reason for the falling tears
To the sky far away
With beating wings coated in a golden dress they ascend

If the fascinating love deeper than adoration
Is sacrificed
Ah, will it someday come true?
The song of our oath

Throw away your sorrows and doubts
After you overcame the pain
You’ll keep being drawn towards the abyss

Guided by magic
The shape of the reflected answer
Resembles the purgatory-like paradise


[not available yet]

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 5

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BERN!!! YES, SHE APPEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, the truth is, I was lucky enough to get the character designs of Bern before the episode even came out:

><    Man. But though she may be cute, I still prefer Ange’s character. Hoepfully Ange’s character design in the anime won’t be like her game counterpart… She seriously looked weird.

Anyway, getting on with the episode, we get some screaming and crying, then more screaming, before having our characters getting killed. And then we have Maria’s letter reaching the banks of a beach, where a guy who was fishing (?) finds it and opens it up to read.

And the Witches Tea Party from the game… The characters all return to talk about what happened, and Battler continues to disbelieve witches… And Beatrice appears and says that he has a strong resistence to magic. She also killed all the other characters. Heh.

And then Bern! The ???? chapter from the game. They didn’t really animate everything though, I have to say. Everything was rushed and they took out a lot of things, as well as changing a few.

Well, compared to the game, the anime sucks, but it is still not bad for those who wants to find out about the storyline. But the thing that surprised me the most was Beatrice’s voice. It was so damn low. Not that it is a bad thing, but there are parts where Beatrice plays a fool, and so I was wondering how she is going to properly pull that off without making it seem awkward…

Toradora! episode 5

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So here we have an interesting new character – Kawashima Ami. Like what Taiga said, ‘Ami’ is the name of Sailor Mercury. Haha.

Taiga starts to hate this girl, although she at first liked her due to the pictures in the magazine, but I suppose seeing her with Yuusaku changed everything…

The best part of this whole episode is Minori’s expression in class. She suddenly stood up, raised her and a smiled, before giving a scary face and scream. Although I didn’t understand what that was about (maybe she realised what Ryuuji was trying to say) but I laugh aloud, before covering my mouth to cover up the noise (almost eveyone in my house was asleep then).

As expected from Toradora!, each episode contains certain interesting events that will not fail to brighten my day.

And yes, I did this review from how the episode appeared to me yesterday night on TV.

Shugo Chara!! DOKI— episode 2 (54)

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Sorry, no pictures.

Well, first off, I am getting kinda tired with the part of the episode before the opening. It reveals too much and I just want to get the show started. If they continue this for too long, it will minimise the mystery and seriousness of the show.

For some reason this anime is not going as what I expected. I thought that it would generally be more serious like Nanoha and Shakugan no Shana as a friend of mine, who likes shows full of action, is a fan of this series. Instead, we see general magical themes and have some episodes that goes in a pattern.

This episode we see a new character who introduces herself as Lulu Domorselle. She has a shugo chara called Nana and both of them are original characters special created by Peach-Pit for the anime series. I am not sure if they will appear in the manga, but if they are not, I will get a feeling that the anime series would be different from the manga, which is generally much more better and exciting.

And Amu gets yet another power up, with a new Open Heart and better fighting abilities, though a little exaggerated at times.

Now what I hope to get from this anime is that they will at least stop putting in episodes that works as recap and get on with the story. And I would like to see more attacks instead of just one or two that they repeatedly use and yet can still defeat the enemy.

However, the main focus is quite original: to show the importance of people’s dreams and also how much one’s true character is different from the character that they often show to others around them. This mught get me to watch more of the anime, plus me wanting to hear more of Mizuki Nana’s songs.